At least that’s over with

Well, I bit the bullet. It felt more like biting an electric fence, actually.

I sent Anna a text welcoming her back and asking her to set up a session. She only got back this morning, and the distancing part of me wanted to wait until she contacted me. Let her be the one to reach out. Prove that you don’t care. That you’re not thinking about her. 

But I’m trying to be more mature about this. I mean, who am I kidding? Every time I’ve got a text today (and even yesterday), my first thought has been whether or not it’s her. I’ve been debating all morning when I should contact her – not before 5pm, that’s too needy, she’ll know you’ve been waiting for her to come back….not after 5pm, that’s too presumptuous, you need to have better boundaries. 

So I sucked it up and just sent it. She replied in four minutes (not that I was counting…) and asked if I wanted a session this week (i.e. tomorrow) or next week, and whether I wanted a check-in via Skype before then. We agreed on a session next Wednesday at 10am, with Everest – thank god. I just have to hope Evee doesn’t pee on anything.

At least that’s over with

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